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Wyngate Forest is a private gated-community of 99 homes located on the corner of Touchton and Belfort Road centrally located in the Southside area of Jacksonville.  The purpose of our website is to ensure that the residents of WF are kept informed about neighborhood resources and events happening in and around our community. 

Neighborhood Watch

The community must be vigilant in keeping their eyes and ears open to any unusual activity. All Wyngate Forest residents must  reference anything that looks odd or out of place and take note of a description or tag number.  In protecting your home and your community, keep in mind the following:

  • Those who have home alarm systems should engage their systems even if they are only gone for a short period of time during the day.
  • Should something arise your suspicions call the police immediately
 Trash and Recycling Pickup
  • Recycling will be picked up every other week beginning Monday, Oct 7, 2013.
  • Trash cans must be stored in your garage - they cannot be stored in front of or on the side of your homes.
  • Smaller trash can be ordered from the city. 
  • For more information go to: www.coj.net or call 904.530-CITY



Below is a couple of links to assist in understanding the use of the roundabout as you exit the neighborhood.  It has been brought to the attention of JSO that speeding (roundabout speed is 15 mph) has been excessive and cars are not properly yielding  As everyone has experienced the pros and cons of having a roundabout, the purpose of the roundabout is to have continuous movement.  Here are a few tips:

·         Yield to any car already entered into the circle
·         When leaving the neighborhood, yield do not stop (unless the above applies)
·         Always yield to pedestrians and bicyclists

The proper way to drive a around the roundabout

Driving Rules for Roundabouts


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